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Game of Thrones

1. Sezon 8. Bölüm

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Game of Thrones S1 E8

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Game of Thrones dizisinin 1. sezonunun 8. bölümü "The Pointy End" adını taşıyor. Bu Game of Thrones bölümü George R. R. Martin tarafından yazıldı ve Daniel Minahan tarafından yönetildi. Dizinin bu bölümünün konusunu orijinal dilinde yani İngilizce olarak aşağıda okuyabilirsiniz:

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8

Arya manages to escape the Red Keep after her Braavosian sword master delays the guards sent to arrest her, but Sansa is captured. Robb hears the news and prepares the Northern armies to fight the Lannisters, leaving Bran behind to rule Winterfell. Lysa refuses to fight the Lannisters, and Catelyn leaves to join Robb's camp. Tyrion and Bronn are surrounded by Shagga and his men. Tyrion convinces them to escort them to Tywin, who will repay them. They arrive at Tywin's camp, where the latter asks Shagga to help them in their confrontation with the Starks in exchange for even greater payment. Joffrey appoints Tywin as his Hand. Sansa begs Joffrey to show mercy upon Ned. Joffrey agrees if Ned publicly recognizes Joffrey's claim to the throne and admits to having committed treason. At the Wall, some bodies affected by the White Walkers are found. One awakens as a wight, but Jon kills it. In Essos, Drogo's soldiers begin attacking nearby settlements, enslaving locals in order to sell them and gain the money to buy the ships necessary to cross the Narrow Sea. During this time, Drogo receives a serious wound in a fight.

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